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Syntesalloys is a reference company for the production of sintered plates, wires for electrical contacts and sintered electrical contacts at low, medium and high voltage.
Thanks to a very high level know-how on sintering processes and a consolidated experience on prototyping, we position ourselves as ideal partners for the production of electrical contacts.

Guaranteed production time and daily quality tests in our laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge machinery, allow us to support many companies in the most delicate moments of prototyping and production, resulting in a precise and dynamic partner in facing changes.

Syntesalloys makes the OpenLab laboratory available to its customers, which allows them to concentrate the prototyping, testing and production phases in a single reality, avoiding information misalignments and long waiting periods.



• Powder pressing - isostatic press
• Controlled atmosphere furnaces
• Prototypes and samples
• Mechanical works with CNC

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