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A precious


We are excellence driven, always aiming to fully understand our customer's need. Our challenge is to help clients in getting a customized and perfect product in a reasonable timing.
We know how hectic the reference market is and we understand the need to rely on a partner capable of adapting extremely quickly to design and production changes.
If you are looking for flexibility, then look for Syntesalloys.
We have built on it our structure and developed our production techniques. We deal promptly and proactively with every modification that is required to create your perfect product.
Our team is made up of specialized professionals with a great experience behind them. Thanks to our high knowledge of powder metallurgy technology, we can make the difference on the international scene.

We know the value of punctuality and we know how significant it is for our customers: often a production delay can, in fact, be the source of a “domino effect”.
Thanks to our experience in the field, we have developed systems with very high production efficiency capable of guaranteeing production with reduced waste and with clear deadlines.

Who better than us knows the world of metals?
We have always built our strengths on training and on the continuous growth of our skills. We are the perfect partner to entrust with the prototyping of your projects because we are always a “step forward” in the study of innovative solutions and processes.

Not just a supplier but a true Partner

We know how to put ourselves by your side becoming real partners for the processing and prototyping of metal products perfect for all your needs.

Corporate collaboration is the ace in our sleeve: we start with you to shape our work and to provide the best possible experience without ever neglecting the quality of the final product.

The vision: the milestones

of our job

Ethics and Environment

We aim for continuous improvement: from the team to the production processes, we develop solutions having a lower impact on the environment as well as protecting our staff.

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Ensuring the perfect product requires attention to every detail. In our laboratory we carry out accurate checks along the entire production process: from raw materials to the finished product.

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We daily study new materials and processes to always be one step ahead with innovative and sustainable solutions for people and the environment.


To be the best, training is a must. We believe in continuous learning and research, for a team that is always projected to the future and never to the past.