Sintered electrical contacts


Sintered electrical contacts:

what they are and how they are produced

Sintered electrical contacts are produced using alloys based on tungsten (W) and / or copper (Cu) and / or silver (Ag). They are used in switches, transformers, switchgears… in short, in electrical equipment in general.
The design of the electrical contact is up to you!
How to do?
It's very simple: think about the characteristics that must have your contact and provide us with your drawing. We will take care of producing sintered electrical contacts that meet your requests.

Sintering is a precise and rapid metalworking technique, which allows us to provide highly customized solutions.

Here at Syntesalloys we use a particular technology of powder metallurgy that works by transforming metal powders into compact and immediately usable solids. Sintering is a technique that allows high customization and reduces waste.

What type of sintered electrical contacts can you request?

Syntesalloys makes low, medium and high voltage contacts. Together we can develop the perfect solution to your needs by taking advantage of our know-how on prototyping and a laboratory for analyzing metallic and non-metallic products equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.

Low voltage electrical contacts: main uses

Low voltage electrical contacts can be found in most private, civil and industrial electrical systems.
Switches, meters and relays are just some of the applications of low voltage electrical contacts.
We use special alloys to make them:
  • Tungsten Silver (WAg)
  • Silver Nickel (AgNi)
  • Silver Graphite (AgC)

You choose the material and size!

Medium voltage electrical contacts: when do you need them?

Usually this type of electrical contacts are associated with a medium voltage electrical power distribution. It is usually used within industrial plants, in urban macro-distributions and in railway chains.
In which materials can you request them?
  • Tungsten Copper (WCu)
  • Silver Nickel (AgNi)

High voltage electrical contacts: functionality

We are talking about electrical contacts capable of supporting an electrical voltage greater than 30KV. The applications of our high voltage electrical contacts?
Switches and disconnectors!
You can request them in the dimensions you need in:
  • Tungsten Copper (WCu)
  • Tungsten Silver (WAg)



  • Product dimensions: Made to design after feasibility analysis and check of tolerances.
    Volume from 0.1 up to 200 cm3.
  • Chemical-physical characteristics: Chemical-physical characteristics and homogeneous metallographic structure, which can be customized according to request.
    Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, even for long periods of work.
  • Packaging: Accurate, according to your prescriptions.
  • Certification: We certify each batch.
  • Surface: Clean and Deoxidized.
    Surface roughness according to your specifications.
  • Order quantity: Available also in small series and production of samples.