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 Research and Development


Research and Development - Italia Syntesalloys

Italia Syntesalloys’s shareholders are well-aware of the importance research has on stabilizing current production lines and on developing future businesses. They therefore provided the company’s laboratory with sophisticated equipment, as our main focus has always been generating, transporting and distributing electrical power.

As far as our current production lines are concerned, research plays a key-role in defining production processes, aimed at substantially answering to specific needs and customization of alloys for electro-mechanical purposes. The opportunity to create production line batches of extremely limited dimensions through industrial plants, together with our investigation ability, surely benefits to our customer too, who can “experience” alternative solutions or afford specific low-priced applications in quick times.

An important branch of our research focuses on studying and prototyping production equipment for the creation of materials and machineries, the final destination of which is the electronic field.

Moreover, advanced studies for the creation of a system for the production of nanostructures are currently underway. Nanostructures will be developed at nanoheteroepitaxial multilayered growth with ideal quantum dots (IQT) through liquid phase epitaxy (LPE), associated to pulse cooling and substrate heating methods (ICHS) . Such a device will allow to experimentally deepen the research on the creation of nano-layers at metallic and semiconductor quantum dots. Its final aim will be producing both plants and materials for industrial application at Italia Syntesalloys, as well as at our customer companies.

Our research is completed by the development of eco-friendly methods to purify low-melting metals, which are employed in the preparation-process of nanostructures or in alternative production systems for wafers of silicon or other semiconductor crystals.

Similar materials find their common application as semiconductors in a number of different fields, such as high-efficiency solar cells (HESC).

Thanks also to the body of our shareholders, a thorough international co-operation  with notorious scientists has been achieved and it definitely represents one of the keys to the success of our research activity.