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Special Products


The variety and completeness of the equipment installed, together with sophisticated opportunities of inquiry and control, allow Italia Syntesalloys Ltd to satisfy our customers’ most diverse needs. A tight and expert team is at your disposal to find together the best solution to apply sintered alloys in any kind of field.

Below is a sample list of the main requests we have received from our customers:

  • Braze-welded electrical contact assemblies

We have the opportunity to provide our customers with braze-welded electrical contact assemblies both in full-service (i.e., we create the entire product) or by assembling our products to frames provided by our customer.

Medium-Voltage Electrical ContactsHigh-Voltage Electrical Contacts

  • High density materials for special application ( balance weights )
  • Silver powders
    Thanks to our vertically-integrated production cycle, we can provide and certificate pure-silver powders, which are chemically achieved and own special features.


CompositionsCompositions - Scanning electron microscope