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Medium-Voltage Electrical Contacts


Contatti Media Tensione

In electric power distribution, medium voltage is employed in intermediate distances to deliver electric power at low voltage between Systems for HV (receiving high voltage from power lines) and Systems for distribution substations MV.

Medium voltage is typically used or for macro-distribution lines of urban type, or inside industrial plants of large or medium dimensions.

Moreover, medium voltage can be used in transportation. As an example we can mention the overhead contact lines, also known as “train chain”, of not only Italian Railways, but also of many other European railway systems following the same standards.

Medium voltage is defined as an interval of electrical voltage between:

Corrente alternata:
tra 1.000 e 30.000 volt

Corrente continua:
tra 1.500 e 30.000 volt


In medium-voltage devices, electrical contacts are mainly applied to residual-current devices, contactors, relays and disconnectors. In the chart below our alloys are shown. They can be applied to build the above-mentioned devices. Forms and dimensions of sintered contacts depend on our customers’ requests.

Medium-Voltage Electrical Contacts - syntesalloys spa

80%WCu   Circuit breakers
78%WCu   Spark erosion electrodes
76%WCu   Resistance welding electrodes


85%AgNi            Contactors
80%AgNi       Medium  switches

Medium-Voltage Electrical Contacts - syntesalloys spa


92%AgSnO2   Contactors
90%AgSnO2   Earth Leakage circuit breakers
88%AgSnO2   Circuit breakers