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High-Voltage Electrical Contacts


In electric power distribution, high voltage is employed to distribute power along the main backbones by connecting power lines, electrical sub-stations (receiving high voltage) and substation cabins at medium voltage.

High voltage is defined as an electrical voltage superior to 30 kV.

High-Voltage Electrical Contacts 

  80%WCu Circuit breakers
  78%WCu Spark erosion electrodes
  76%WCu Resistance welding electrodes






In high-voltage devices, electrical contacts are mainly applied to switches and disconnectors. In the chart below our alloys are shown. They can be applied to build the above-mentioned devices. Forms and dimensions of sintered contacts depend on our customers’ requests.

In addition to the listed alloys, our production programme is able to realise special components in Copper-Chrome sintered alloys and/or other different alloys, according to our customers’ specific needs.