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Italia Syntesalloys spa is a company that through powder metallurgy technology, manufactures products, components and finished pieces at customer design, in sintered alloys , for electromechanical, chemical and diamond tools industries.We are acting on the Italian and European market since 2012 and have become a point of reference for the largest multinational groups such as ABB and its competitors.

With the aim of offering more and more efficient, economically competitive and environmentally friendly materials, as part of the development of new products to be launched on the market and thanks to the sophisticated production technologies available within our company, we present CELTIUS A100 created for the production of diamond tools.

At present, in the diamond tool industry, matrices show excellent hardness, wear resistance, and diamond retention characteristics, not releasing the diamond before it has finished its working life.

 1.  Economical Aspect

Cobalt is currently increasingly used in several primary sectors, such as automotive and mobile phone industries (for battery manufacturing), and therefore the relevant demand for this material, in addition to the fact that extraction takes place in high political risk, implies price fluctuations on the market that are difficult to predict and with price increase forecast expectation.

Cobalt prices, in 2016, have started a price increase and the trend is also confirmed for the current year. The interest in this metal began to grow two years ago when the opening of a Lithium-ion battery factory was announced. Indeed, cobalt is one of the indispensable raw materials for these batteries and, consequently, for the whole new car electric market.

Prices are expected to rise above $ 16 per pound by 2020 (currently at about $ 14.75), driven mainly by increasingly stringent anti-pollution standards that will drive demand for electric vehicles. In 2016, at London Metal Exchange (LME), prices grew by about 25%.

But prices may be further under pressure from what is happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the world's largest cobalt producer.

Celtius A100 is an iron / copper - based powder produced by innovative techniques where raw material costs have minimal impact, unlike cobalt-containing products available on the maket by our competitors.

 2.  Innovative Aspect

CELTIUS A100 an iron-copper powder free of Nickel and Cobalt (also in the form of traces) represents the innovative product that can be used for the production of diamond tools; with significant impacts on both economic and ecological aspects.

 3.  Ecological Aspect

Although there are still no restrictive rules in Italy, while in in other countries it is not tolerated, Cobalt is an element recognized as highly polluting and harmful to human health and the environment.

CELTIUS A100 has been developed thanks to a continuous and constant research of alternative production cycles done by our R&D department, to reduce and prevent the usage of hazardous materials and substances for man and the environment.