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Industrial Wires



Nominal Composition  %
Alloy Ag Ni Cu
Syntes 100 99.9 - -
Syntes 131 97 - 3
Syntes 132 95 0.5 4.5
Syntes 125 99.8 0.2 -
Syntes 120 90 10 -
Syntes 121 85 15 -
Syntes 123 80 20 -

Metallic wires are widely employed when realizing electromechanical components (electrically welded or riveted) for home appliance, automotive and industrial fields.

Powders are the initial phase of production. After an extremely careful process of mixing, powders are produced following rigorous criteria of particle size ranges. Secondly, by sintering we obtain billets in the desired pseudo-alloy, which are then transformed into a wire rod by a dedicated extrusion press. Afterwards, through an appropriate sequence of wire drawing and annealing, the dimensions and physical characteristics (hardness, extension and ultimate strength) are obtained as requested by our customers.

We can draw even thin diameters under 1mm, with tolerances of +/- 0,01 mm on the final diameter.

The operation ends with the packaging in the desired shape (layer by layer on spool or in coil) and weights. Every parcel is sealed, protected and labelled as to ensure its complete traceability to the production process. A quality-control certificate goes with the delivering and it will show the values our laboratory has derived, both for mechanical and chemical-physical measurements. 



layer by layer on spool layer by layer on spool or in coilIndustrial Wires